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Strapless or sleeves, ball gown, mermaid, oh my! Choosing your wedding dress is a whirlwind of details, designs, and decisions. So how do you find the perfect wedding dress, that not only looks stunning on you, but but that you feel amazing in? I have 4 simple tips for you to take along on your dress shopping adventure!


The first step to finding your perfect dress, is finding your perfect silhouette. You may have originally been thinking ball gown, and then find yourself falling in love with a mermaid gown. Before making the final decision on what you think your perfect dress is, try on some different silhouettes to see which is the most flattering for your figure, and most importantly, which you FEEL the most amazing in.


Besides your fabulous self, the details make the dress. Whether your style is classic and minimal, or glitz and glamour, the details of your dress will turn heads. While the details will shine throughout your entire dress, the top half is what will be noticed the most, as well as what will be most photographed during portraits.


Your accessories should enhance your natural beauty and draw a little added attention to your entire look, though you don’t want to be upstaged by them entirely. Keeping your accessories simple will allow them to compliment you and your gown, without them overpowering your perfect wedding day style and vibe. Your jewelry, veil, headpieces, etc., should all be chosen carefully to work well together.


You must never underestimate the importance of a perfectly fitted bra! Before dress shopping, take time to get properly fitted for the right bra size. This will ensure that everything is in place, and stays that way, while trying on dresses. For your wedding day, make sure to choose undergarments that you feel good in, are comfortable, and that work well with your wedding gown.

Wedding dress shopping is a fun and exciting event during your planning adventure. Bring your entire squad or a few of your nearest and dearest, and always remember to have fun!

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You have so many amazing people in your life, so choosing a Person of Honor might be a little tricky. You love them all, and obviously don’t want to make anyone feel bad or left out, so then how do you make one of the biggest decisions in your wedding planning?

Here are 4 tips to help you with your decision.

What do you need

Before you start thinking of who you want to ask to be your ride or die at the top of the aisle and throughout your wedding planning process, think about what kind of support and help you’re going to need during the months leading up to your wedding. Will you need someone who can help you rock out your long To-Do list, or simply want to honor a special someone in your life? If you’re going to need your Person of Honor to be more hands on, consider someone who loves planning and is organized, calm, and creative. When making your decision, keep in mind their strengths, as well as yours, for your perfect Person of Honor match.

Consider Their Schedule

Before you ask a friend or family member to take a leading role in your wedding party, take some time to think about what their current schedule and commitments look like. For example, if your bestie just had a baby, they may not have the time or energy to take on extra wedding planning tasks as well. Also remember to keep in mind all the things you will want your Person of Honor to do. If you really want to ask your younger sibling, keep their age in mind and if they’re old enough to fully plan any specific pre-wedding bash you might be hoping for.

Don’t Be Afraid To Break Out of The Box

This is YOUR wedding, and there is nothing stopping you from choosing more than one person to stand with you, or none at all. If you can’t choose between your two BFFs or a sibling, why not spread out love and ask your entire squad to help out equally with the extra details in your wedding planning. This way, everyone feels like they have an important role in your special day, and you won’t be stressing about anyone’s feeling being hurt. Not having a Person of Honor isn’t going to change your wedding day, so don’t feel pressured into making a decision when you don’t have to. At the end of the day, you’re still going to be marrying the love of your life, and your people will all be there to celebrate that with you.

It May Not Be The Obvious Choice

Know that it’s absolutely ok to look beyond what you may think are the obvious choices of a sibling or best friend to fill this important role. Your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc., are all wonderful choices to think of as well.

Always remember that your wedding day is about you and your partner. There is no hard and fast rule about who you should choose to be your Person, or People, of Honor.

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When you hire your wedding photographer, you’ll be working with a professional who knows how to capture beautiful images at exactly the right moment. That said, it doesn’t mean that your photographer can read your mind.

You’ve been spending months planning your perfect wedding day, so naturally, you want to make sure all of your details and most important moments are captured. However, your photographer hasn’t been involved in your entire planning process, which is why it’s so important to discuss with them all of your likes, dislikes, insecurities, and any pictures you really want, long before your wedding day. By having these conversations, you’ll ensure that you and your photographer are on the same page, leaving you with less stress and more fun on your wedding day.

Here are 5 key conversations to discuss with your photographer, that may not be at the top of your list.

The Timing of Your Day

As you’re planning the timeline of your wedding day, remember to include your photographer in the process. Because they’ve seen hundreds of weddings, they can let you know how much time you’ll need to make sure you’re important memories are captured, and nothing is missed or feels rushed.


If you have something special planned for your wedding day, such as sparklers, lanterns, or fireworks for your exit, a surprise for a guest, flower cannons as you have your first kiss as a married couple, a choreographed first dance, or anything that you plan to keep from your guests until it happens, be sure to let your photographer in on the surprise. By letting your photographer in on your plans, they’ll be prepared and in the right spot when that moment happens.

Your Venue(s)

Your wedding venue is an important topic to discuss with your wedding photographer for a few reasons. One of those discussions should cover whether or not your ceremony and reception will be taking place at the same venue. If your ceremony is going to be a different location than your reception, travel time between those locations will need to be taken into consideration. Having this conversation with your photographer gives them the opportunity to plan the photo timeline of your day accordingly. This way, everyone is on the same page, and know that there will be plenty of time for all of your must have photos.

Some Venues will also have lighting and other restrictions in place during your ceremony. This is the time where you and your photographer can discuss those rules and how they may impact your ceremony pictures.

Family Dynamics

While you don’t need to share your entire family history with your wedding photographer, it’s a good idea to let them in on any family conflicts that may be going on. If having a happy, drama free day means not posing certain family members next to each other, or even in the same photo, make sure your photographer is aware of who those people are. Your photographer wants to make sure you have a stress free wedding day, and will be happy to know the best ways to help make that happen.

Must Have Photos

Every wedding photographer has their own internal checklist of photos they instinctively go through during a wedding day, that they integrate with the list of your important details, to create your specific wedding list. Any specific photos you would like taken on your wedding day should be discussed with your photographer in advance, Waiting until your wedding day to tell your photographer about those specific photos, may impact the carefully planned timeline of your day, potentially causing some of those moments to be rushed or missed out on.

In conclusion, if you’re unsure about whether or not something may be relevant to your wedding photographer, check with them to be sure that all your bases are covered, and you can look back on your wedding photos and relive every single amazing moment.

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It’s that most wonderful time of the year! The new year has begun and Bridal Show season is in full swing!!! Are you as giddy as a kid on the first snow day of the year, ready to grab your crew and head out for all the goodness? Or more likely to curl up on the couch with your trusty computer and a glass or mug of something delicious scrolling through the world wide web of weddings?

Here are 3 of the top reasons you should consider checking out a bridal show this year!


Think of Bridal Shows like speed dating, just with Vendors! Though instead of sending incognito texts under the table about your date to your besties, your entire squad can be right there with you as you navigate the sea of amazingness that is before you.

Just like an online profile, anyone can have an amazing website and social media presence, showcasing all the best of the best of their work and the final drafts of every caption or About Me page. At a bridal show, you get the opportunity to have face to face, personal conversations with vendors from every part of the wedding world and beyond. Instead of filling out stale contact forms on websites and watching your email for responses, you’re able to immediately see if you and a potential vendor “click”. Your vendors are the ones who will help bring the vision of your dream wedding to life, and surround you on your most amazing day, so having a great connection with vendors who just GET you will make your wedding that much more perfect and stress-free.


See all your dreamy Pinterest Boards come alive in front of your eyes. From floral arrangements, décor, gowns to make your jaw drop, delectably delicious food, cakes that look almost too good to eat (notice the almost!), invitations, the latest trends and more. All the fabulous inspiration is showcased with the industries experts right there to answer any of your questions and show you how to implement all of it into your wedding.

An Interactive One Stop Shopping Experience

Wedding planning, while all sorts of fun and exciting, takes a lot of time. Setting up consultations and meetings all over can start to add up in the calendar quickly. Attending a bridal show can be a huge time saver because you can knock out tons of tastings, meet and greets, as well as check off a few tasks from your Wedding To-Do List. From dazzling dresses to dream honeymoon destinations, you can potentially plan your entire wedding and beyond in a few hours!

Test out the latest Selfie Stations, hear the best DJs, flip through photo albums showcasing the most epic love stories, see how videographer’s would turn your wedding day into the year’s most romantic movie, taste delicious food of every kind, and so much more. With everything all in one place, you can’t help but find some (or all!) of what you need for your perfect dream wedding.

So in conclusion, while the thought of bridal shows may seem like information overload, they are a ton of fun! They make for the perfect Day Out where you can make connections with vendors, drink some champagne, collect some fun wedding swag, all while checking some To-Dos off your list and maybe booking a vendor or two!

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So, the question has been asked, excitedly answered, and now your stomach is filled with all the giddy butterflies it can fit! The planning and Pinterest pinning has begun and the time for your engagement session has come. This is when some nerves may start to creep in. So, what can you do to counteract those pesky nerves?

I know getting in front of the camera can be stressful, especially if you aren’t the most eager person to jump in front of one. Well, I’m about to share the four best ways to having the most awesome, stress-free engagement photo session ever!

  1. Smile! Let all of your happy in-loveness show!

2. Dress Comfortably. Make sure to wear something you will feel comfortable in, and that you’ll feel like YOURSELF in. Bring a change of clothes or shoes for different looks, though always stay true to yourself.

3. Forget the camera is there. Yes, this is totally possible, and I promise you once you do MAGIC legit happens!!! So get lost in each other. Reminisce about your first date, whisper inside jokes in each others ears, close your eyes and breathe each other in as you feel the same butterflies you felt the day you knew you had completely fallen in love.

4. Don’t be afraid to get a little (or a lot!) silly. Showcase your personality and have FUN!

So, there you have it. Four sure fire ways to rock your engagement session! Be goofy, be gushy, dance, lose yourself while being 100% you, and simply have fun.

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