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Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Strapless or sleeves, ball gown, mermaid, oh my! Choosing your wedding dress is a whirlwind of details, designs, and decisions. So how do you find the perfect wedding dress, that not only looks stunning on you, but but that you feel amazing in? I have 4 simple tips for you to take along on your dress shopping adventure!


The first step to finding your perfect dress, is finding your perfect silhouette. You may have originally been thinking ball gown, and then find yourself falling in love with a mermaid gown. Before making the final decision on what you think your perfect dress is, try on some different silhouettes to see which is the most flattering for your figure, and most importantly, which you FEEL the most amazing in.


Besides your fabulous self, the details make the dress. Whether your style is classic and minimal, or glitz and glamour, the details of your dress will turn heads. While the details will shine throughout your entire dress, the top half is what will be noticed the most, as well as what will be most photographed during portraits.


Your accessories should enhance your natural beauty and draw a little added attention to your entire look, though you don’t want to be upstaged by them entirely. Keeping your accessories simple will allow them to compliment you and your gown, without them overpowering your perfect wedding day style and vibe. Your jewelry, veil, headpieces, etc., should all be chosen carefully to work well together.


You must never underestimate the importance of a perfectly fitted bra! Before dress shopping, take time to get properly fitted for the right bra size. This will ensure that everything is in place, and stays that way, while trying on dresses. For your wedding day, make sure to choose undergarments that you feel good in, are comfortable, and that work well with your wedding gown.

Wedding dress shopping is a fun and exciting event during your planning adventure. Bring your entire squad or a few of your nearest and dearest, and always remember to have fun!