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How to Have a Kick Ass Engagement Session

So, the question has been asked, excitedly answered, and now your stomach is filled with all the giddy butterflies it can fit! The planning and Pinterest pinning has begun and the time for your engagement session has come. This is when some nerves may start to creep in. So, what can you do to counteract those pesky nerves?

I know getting in front of the camera can be stressful, especially if you aren’t the most eager person to jump in front of one. Well, I’m about to share the four best ways to having the most awesome, stress-free engagement photo session ever!

  1. Smile! Let all of your happy in-loveness show!

2. Dress Comfortably. Make sure to wear something you will feel comfortable in, and that you’ll feel like YOURSELF in. Bring a change of clothes or shoes for different looks, though always stay true to yourself.

3. Forget the camera is there. Yes, this is totally possible, and I promise you once you do MAGIC legit happens!!! So get lost in each other. Reminisce about your first date, whisper inside jokes in each others ears, close your eyes and breathe each other in as you feel the same butterflies you felt the day you knew you had completely fallen in love.

4. Don’t be afraid to get a little (or a lot!) silly. Showcase your personality and have FUN!

So, there you have it. Four sure fire ways to rock your engagement session! Be goofy, be gushy, dance, lose yourself while being 100% you, and simply have fun.