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Happy Veteran’s Day

As a wedding photographer 11.11 is a busy day. It’s actually one of the most popular wedding days of the year. It’s also one that I personally will never work. I LOVE what I do and I love my clients and hate to turn anyone away if I have the availability. To me November 11th is a day to reflect and give thanks to all of the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom and our rights. I have many friends and family who are Veterans and Active Military. Two years ago it also became a day of tragedy and hope for me personally, so therefore became a day not for work; even for the happiest of days for the many many amazing couples getting married right now whom I congratulate and wish you all the best! Today I will snuggle with my girls, tell my husband thank you even when he says not to, and call my Dad to give him an extra I love you as well. Of the many amazing Veterans and Military members I know, none will ask for a thank you. They will go about their days as usual. From me to all of you, Thank You. Thank you for everything. You are amazing. You are brave. You are even more than I can find words for. Thank you for volunteering to protect me and my girls. Thank you for not expecting anything in return. Thank you for being the heroes you claim not to be. Thank you.
And an extra special shout out to my amazing clients who also happen to be Veterans!!!